Goodyear Productions began in 2011 because of Carolyn's love of acting. She decided to start writing and producing her own work so she could cast herself in roles she'd like to play.​
This year she has won IMDb Script to Screen competition 2019 with a short comedy script called, 'Home Wreckers'.  Other award winning scripts include, 'T-Minus' for Impact 50 and The Audition for the Nativity Factor.


Award winning films include Ambition and Sesquipedalianist.

Currently she is in post production with her Mockumentary short film E.N.S (Embarrasing Name Syndrome) and is in pre-production for her winning script 'Home Wreckers'.
Winner of Funny Women shorts 2016
         Mrs Baranovski
Finalist in Enter the Pitch Film Competition 2017

The Audition

Winning script in Nativity Factor 2015

(produced by ITN)

Ashes to Ashes
International House Man
Bethulia trailer

The Sesquipedalianist

Winner of Judges' Commendation award in Reed Film Competition 2015

 Lilly Lemoncello
​Betrayal trailer